Car Accessories

Neck cushions and car seat protectors

We offer a variety of useful and functional items to protect your car seats and increase safety and ease when travelling with little passengers. To avoid abrasion, cuts and stains, we offer sturdy, wash-and-wear protective mats.
For a comfortabel journey for little passengers we offer special neck support items which support head and neck of infants and provide for a better sleep. Our products with a child-friendly design and soft and washable surface directly meet the needs of their little consumers and are functional and ideal for daily use at the same time.

Sun Shades and Items for Safety and Comfort

For a safe and comfortable journey we offer a variety of car sun shades which facilitate a pleasant and protected journey for the entire family. Our products are available in a child-friendly or neutral design as well as in a variety of different sizes.
When it comes to facilitating a relaxed time during a car journey we have a limitless range of useful and functional ideas and safety products: Safety mirrors, cup holders, belt pads, organizers etc. We put our focus on meeting the real needs of families, using high quality materials and ensuring premium processing work.