Production and Tool Development

Raw materials and mold tooling

Raw Materials

Raw materials are sourced in line with strict regulations and checks along the sourcing. Incoming material control is a pivotal part of our work. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) regularly issues a list of substances of very high concern (SVHCs) which need to be reported throughout the supply chain. This report liability is defined by the so called REACH regulation. EURET obliges its suppliers to regularly report usage of SVHCs to minimize the risk of dangerous substances in EURET products.

Mold Tooling

The accurate and precise mold technology can make the difference in cost and time to market for your product. We have the knowledge to choose the best molding technologies for your product, supervising the design and development.  This will not only enable us to be fast and have a better cost controlling, but involving the mold design in the early stage of product development, will help to smooth the whole development process. We work with engineers who can help you in the mold development using the latest technologies and materials on the market. We keep in mind that it is important to maintain the same high quality throughout many production runs.


From a vast portfolio of hardware and textile products EURET can rely upon a variety of production options for tailor-made as well as mass manufacturing. Through its global presence a maximum degree of efficiency and productivity is guaranteed. The production activities of EURET are managed by the EURET Ltd in Hong Kong ensuring close contacts to the contract suppliers and a seamless production process. Based on this competence profile, we are a reliable supplier not only in the high volume products market, but also for niche products.