Packaging Solutions

Space Productivity and recycling materials

Space Productivity

A new buzz word has emerged in the retail space relevant to both retailers and manufacturers: Space Productivity Optimization (SPO) mainly applicable for store design but finally coming down to the packaging aspect of the end product. As a result of our accrued and combined skills and expertise, EURET is able to offer small and large customers a Packaging Solution in many shapes and forms. Let us provide you with new, innovative ideas, allowing for the optimal usage of packaging materials, while still fulfilling all the requirements in the supply chain.

Recognition factor

Packaging design and packaging recognition is becoming a key differentiator in the purchase process. Hence, for manufacturers it is necessary to know which elements of packaging design play important roles in packaging recognition and what elements should not be altered to aid shoppers in competitive environments. EURET has worked with numerous customers but also in our own brand creations emphasising the recognition factor. This is required to ensure first sight recognition, packaging findability and brand awareness. Relevant elements are pictorials, colours and typefaces, which attract buyers towards the brand.

Recycling materials

Within our sustainability strategy, recycling materials is a key element. We clearly communicate to our customers about materials used, so they can follow local recycling policies. We also consider local recycling requirements where applicable thus aligning the products specifications to local markets. Through our sourcing decisions we already have a strong influence on the materials we deploy hence can decrease waste and increase recycling options. Finally within our company we follow a strict recycling scheme ourselves.