Full Service with Shipping and Customs Regulations


Each country has different document requirements for inbound and outbound shipments. Most often, international shipments should be accompanied by a Bill of Lading, and/or Shipper's Letter of Instruction, a commercial invoice, a packing list and a certificate of origin. Through our yearlong experience we can even cater for specific document requirements for international freight shipments. In the timely delivery of the final product - documentation can be the make or break element, hence it is of utmost importance to ensure full, complete and all parties involved satisfactory documentation. Through our long lasting international activities we have become experts in exporting from the Far East.

Customs Regulations

While present in all nations, customs regulations and requirements vary from country to country. Hence it is once again important to fulfil country specific requirements. Being in the market for over a decade we very well know what documentation is needed and it is our responsibility to ensure that your item is not prohibited or restricted and we check with the Customs authority of the country concerned. While this happens mostly in the background it is a very important part of our expertise making sure it is a hassle free experience for you.


In a more and more globally connected world we have come across customers who have already established shipping capacities. Thus for them it is important to use existing agreements and therefore gain some price competitiveness due to decreased all over costs. Through our FOB (free on board) option we allow those customers to cooperate with us but then cover the costs to their premises from the shipping vehicle. This flexibility has proven to be a great value to larger customers.